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Web Designer, Business Graduate, Nerd.

I get excited when someone says, "Here. Solve this." Because to me, a new challenge is a perfect thing. One that allows me to think differently about old problems, creatively about new ones, and build great relationships along the way with teammates and clients. That's the kind of hard work that will define my career.




Indiana University | Honors Kelley School of Business | 2012

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science in Business
  • Major: Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation
  • GPA: 3.5/4.0
  • Distinction: Kelley Honors – 1 of 150

Kelley’s Entrepreneurship program is one of the highest ranking programs in the country. The curriculum focuses on coalescing the many disciplines of business to stimulate creativity, innovation, and problem solving within the program’s graduates.

Through group projects, development of business plans, analysis of historical cases, and study of theory, the program prepared me to work within any field of business as a veracious learner, creative thinker, and dedicated team member. More importantly though, I grasped how to learn and identify solutions through self education.

Connect Think | Web Developer | August 2013 to Present

  • Position: Front End and WordPress Developer
  • Supervisor: Brian Condradt

Connect Think is a mobile, web, and enterprise-development firm in Broad Ripple. As a member of the web team, I largely focused on developing WordPress themes and plugins for clients. During my time at Connect Think, I developed a wordpress framework to standardize and accelerate development, implemented a version control system using git, and introduced sass for frontend development.

Although my role resided primarily with the web team, I also worked on a variety of projects for our enterprise and mobile teams. This included helping develop frontend templates, tablet interfaces, and data migration plugins.

Working with a forward-thinking, extremely technical team taught me about development, process, and communication while also bringing depth to my “full stack” development abilities.

Tribeswell | Web Designer | July 2011 to May 2013

  • Position: Operations Coordinator
  • Supervisor: Colin Clark

Tribeswell is a web design and internet marketing startup located in downtown Bloomington. I started there as an intern with the company’s founder while he was still working out of his living room in the summer of 2011. During my time there, I helped grow revenue 250% through market strategy, product design, and project execution.

I was the lead web designer at Tribeswell managing the design and development of websites. This included meeting with the client, establishing needs, identifying solutions, designing the concept, and building the actual website.

The experience taught me technical skills like HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP. I also learned a great deal about project management, working within a team, communicating with clients, and solving problems on the fly.

Lennie’s | Bartender | October 2009 to Present

  • Position: Bartender & Server
  • Supervisor: Mike Fox

I applied as a host at Lennie’s the beginning of my Sophomore year at IU and during my time there have been promoted to every position including host, expedite, cook, server, and bartender. I consistently worked between 15 and 30 hours every week while attending school full time and the money I earned there supported all my living expenses.

Working in the food industry has taught me a lot about customer service in a fast paced and high stress environment. I’ve learned a great deal about patience, time management, and quality control. In addition, working while attending school has further taught me about time management and balancing multiple responsibilities successfully.


Familiar with new implements of page structure like sections, headers, asides etc. Worked with HTML5 video and currently learning about canvas and advanced features.

CSS3 and Sass

Experienced in advanced CSS3 selectors, animations, transitions, and layouts. The panels portion of this website is built with only HTML and CSS animations.


Experienced with JS for DOM manipulation, scripting, and implementing plugins for front end development.

WordPress and PHP

Experienced in wordpress management and development including plugins, custom themes, page templates, custom fields, and custom post types.

Ruby and Rails

I have experience with Ruby and the rails platform. Helping develop views and front end for projects. Learning more about models and controllers in the rails framework.

Adobe Photoshop

Familiar with photoshop especially for photo and icon editing and manipulation.

Adobe Premiere

Experienced in film editing using Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro


Experienced in advanced setting of DSLR and photo composition. Often used in professional setting for website imagery.


Knowledgable in framing, lighting, and composition of angle and distance. Directed and editing dozens of short films for personal and professional settings.

Computer Assembly

Built my own computer for gaming and video editing using parts purchased from web vendors like newegg and tiger direct.

Basic Music Composition and Editing

Familiar with Garageband and guitar.


Took art classes in high school and have been sketching ever since.

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